We are pleased to announce our new CS:GO roster

After releasing Sami “xseveN” Laasanen from his contract, we struggled to find a fitting player to fill his spot. After few weeks of going through options we decided as a team to start new projects fitting for everyone, this resulted in release of Eetu “sAw” Saha & Olli “sLowi” Pitkänen who found their new home in the ranks of HAVU Gaming. We would like to thank them both especially sAw from his time in iGame and everything we accomplished together, best of luck to both of you and your new team!

“During my stay in iGame I made some great friends and had really good times but now it’s time to move on. I want to thank Twista, Saggerton and iGame management for everything and wish them good luck in their future projects!”



iGame.com will be signing Mikko “xartE” Välimaa, Jesse “KHRN” Grandell and Timo “reflex” Rintala as our new members.

“After playing almost a year in HAVU with varying results, we had ups and downs but during the year we made new friends and got a lot of experience. We knew that something needed to change in order to get fresh set of minds to pursue our goals, so we decided to look other options with KHRN. We took our time to go through our options, we decided to ask Timo “reflex” Rintala to make a comeback and start playing with us. After this move we wanted to combine our strength with our good friends from iGame, Slaava “Twista” Räsänen and Saku “SAGGERTON” Jokinen. We are sure our good spirit and team work will be our advantage. We want to thank iGame for this opportunity. #valimaanmikko #is #back #iGame #onemoreyear “



It took us a while longer than we thought, better late than never.


iGame.com CS:GO

Jesse “KHRN” Grandell

Mikko “xartE” Välimaa

Saku “SAGGERTON” Jokinen

Slaava “Twista” Räsänen

Timo “reflex” Rintala


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